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Rocketbook Notebooks allow you to stay connected with your coworkers, classmates, and everyone in between. Collaborate, share, store, and be productive. Even from your couch.

Sustainable Notebooks

When you use Pilot FriXion pens, you can erase your notes using a damp cloth with your Rocketbooks. Rocketbooks are endlessly reusable. Seriously.

No Setup Fees

We don't do setup fees. When you see the pricing, that is the pricing, all in. You can easily see what your final cost will be without getting surprised later by setup fees, run charges or shipping.

Free Design Services

If you don't have a design ready or need help creating one, we are here to help. Rocketbook Promo offers free art services to ensure you get the perfect design for your project.

Artwork Before Payment

Rocketbook Promo wants to earn your business by earning your trust. We will create your artwork (free of charge) and provide a product proof for you to approve before any payment info is requested.

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Rocketbook combines the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook with the Rocketbook app for quickly and securely sending handwritten notes directly to the cloud folder of your choice.